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4th Annual AZ Drug Summit - Uniting for Solutions

Agenda | Monday, September 27, 2021

8:00 am to 5:00 pm | DoubleTree Hilton Temp

About the Summit

The Arizona Drug Summit is where stakeholders in law enforcement, treatment, prevention, health and education join together to discuss emerging threats, promising practices and what’s working.

Change begins when we work together. The Arizona Drug Summit is Arizona’s opportunity for learning, networking, and creating partnerships that will change lives. We encourage you to join us and become part of the solution to reduce substance use disorders, overdoses and death in our state.

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Welcome and Opening Remarks

Keynote: Changing the Family Legacy – Giving Children a Safe Place to Grow, Heal and Get Better – Jerry Moe, National Director of the Hazelden Betty Ford Children’s Program

Understanding the Drug Crisis in the Age of Fentanyl, Meth and Coronavirus – Sheila Sjolander, MSW, Assistant Director, Division of Public Health, Prevention Services and Dr. Sara Salek, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System

State and National Perspective on the Poly Drug Threat – Cheri Oz, Special Agent in Charge, Drug Enforcement Administration, Phoenix Field Division

From Outreach to Outcomes – Combating Impacts of the Overdose Epidemic Through Trauma Informed Approaches and Partnerships – Sgt. Ericka Stropka, Substance Use Resource Team, Robert Devries, Mohave Substance-Abuse Treatment, Education, & Prevention Partnership (MSTEPP), Sydney Fox, MPA, Public Health Analyst, CDC Foundation

Local Mobilization: How Community Coalitions are Addressing Fentanyl, Counterfeit Pills and Psychostimulant Use – Merilee Fowler, MATFORCE Executive Director, Substance Abuse Coalition Leaders of Arizona (SACLAz) Founder, and Shelly Mowrey, AZ HIDTA Demand Reduction Coordinator and SACLAz Executive Committee

Afternoon Keynote: The Intersection of Marijuana Legalization and Social Justice – Will Jones III, Smart Approaches to Marijuana

Planning, Implementing and Regulating Marijuana Legalization Policy – Colby Bower, MSM, Assistant Director Policy & Intergovernmental Affairs

Expanding Medical Services, Treatment and Support for Vulnerable Youth Populations – Gary Kirkilas, D.O., Phoenix Children’s Hospital

On the Frontline – Law Enforcement Trends, Challenges and Successes – John Leavitt, Captain, Tucson Police Department and Counter Narcotics Alliance Commander

Up and Coming – Kratom and Other Novel Drugs: 5 Things to Know – Dan Brooks, M.D., Medical Director, Banner Poison and Drug Information Center and the Outpatient Toxicology Clinic

Finding a New Home to Strengthen Recovery Success – Jackson Longan, Regional Outreach Manager at Oxford House Inc

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