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Who? Community Members

  • Youth-serving organizations
  • Religious and fraternal organizations
  • Civic and volunteer groups
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Other organizations involved in reducing substance abuse
  • State, local, & tribal agencies with expertise in substance abuse
  • Law enforcement
  • Parents
  • Businesses
  • Media
  • Schools
  • Youth


A Drug-Free Communities (DFC) Coalition is a monthly meeting where community members discuss drug trends and other issues affecting our youth and community. We learn how we each play a vital role in creating a healthier, substance free environment for our youth; which in-turn builds a stronger, more connected community for us all.


  • Navajo County ranks 14 out of 15 for the least healthy outcomes in Arizona.
  • Between 2019 and 2021, there was a 172% increase in fatal opioid overdoses.
  • In 2021, 37.3% of overdose deaths occurred at an individual’s home and 41.4% occurred at an “other” location such as a hotel/motel, the street, a workplace, or unknown location.
  • During that same year, 117 overdoses were REVERSED by Naloxone being administered.
  • 105 doses of Naloxone were given by first responders and 12 by a layperson or bystander. That is 117 lives SAVED!
  • The problem isn’t going away, but YOU can help make a difference!
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Event Details

This event is running from 15 November 2022 until 12 December 2023. It is next occurring on October 10, 2023 11:00 am

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